Located in the Nagar Valley overlooking Hunza, this majestic pyramid stands as one of the world’s most remarkable peaks. Its summit is accessible from all directions, commanding attention on the horizon and remaining a constant sight along the Karakoram Highway. The view from Hunza is breathtaking, defying description. Enhanced by its perpetual glacier, the beauty of Hunza is further enriched.

In 1892, Martin Conway ventured to explore this peak, though he failed to find a route to the summit. It wasn’t until June 25, 1958, when members of a British/Pakistani joint expedition, Mike Banks and Tom Patey from the UK, successfully reached the summit. The North Spur was conquered on August 2, 1979, by Eiho Ohtani and Matsushi Yamashita from Waseda University, Japan.

Key Points of the Journey:
Islamabad-Chilas-Minapin-Diran Base Camp-Minapin-Gilgit-Besham-Islamabad
Mountain Range:
7788 meters
Base Camp Altitude:
4800 meters
40 days
Optimal Period:
June to August
What to Expect

During the journey to Rakaposhi, you can expect a mesmerizing experience immersed in natural beauty and adventure. As you travel through the scenic landscapes from Islamabad towards Rakaposhi, be prepared to witness the grandeur of the Karakoram Range. Rakaposhi itself stands as a towering peak, offering a majestic sight at 7,788 meters in altitude.

The journey may take you through various towns and villages, providing glimpses of local culture and hospitality along the way. As you approach the base camp of Rakaposhi, situated at an altitude of approximately 4,800 meters, anticipate encountering challenging terrain and high-altitude conditions.

Throughout the duration of the trip, which typically spans around 40 days, you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring beauty of the Karakoram Range, with Rakaposhi dominating the skyline. The best time to embark on this adventure is typically between June and August, when weather conditions are most favorable for trekking and enjoying clear views of the surrounding peaks.

Overall, expect an unforgettable journey filled with stunning vistas, physical challenges, and a profound sense of awe in the presence of one of Pakistan’s most iconic mountains, Rakaposhi.


Upon arrival in Islamabad, take a brief respite before exploring Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Spend the night at a hotel in the area.

Travel to Chilas either via Besham, which takes approximately 12 hours, or through Babusar Pass, with an estimated travel time of 10 hours. Rest at a hotel upon arrival.

Travel to Joglot by road, which typically takes around 3 hours, and check into a hotel upon arrival.

Embark on a trek to reach the Base Camp where tents will be set up for accommodation.

Overnight camping during the climb.

Hiking to Joglot with overnight tent accommodation.

Travel to Gilgit and stay overnight at a hotel.

Either take a flight to Islamabad or opt for a drive to Naran/Besham, and then check into a hotel.

Enjoy a day at leisure in Islamabad, with accommodations provided at a hotel.

Keep a day reserved for activities in Islamabad, with accommodation arranged at a hotel.

Flight departing for home.


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