The Chanan Peer Festival, held annually from February onward, spans seven consecutive Thursdays at the revered Chanan Pir shrine, situated 65 kilometers away from Bahawalpur. The fifth Thursday stands out as the highlight of the event and is recognized as a local holiday, drawing a multitude of attendees from near and far. Originating as a regional tradition, it has now evolved into the most prominent festival in South Punjab, garnering participation from individuals of diverse backgrounds, including Hindus and Muslims alike.

During this festivity, vibrant markets are established, offering a plethora of goods, while a myriad of cultural performances such as musical shows, theatrical presentations, traditional dances like Jhoomar, circus acts, magic shows, and camel dances captivate the audience. The festival is steeped in legend, notably surrounding Channan Pir’s origins, which narrates that he was born to the Raja of Jaisalmer. Predicted to embrace Islam, he was cast out into the desert by the Raja, where he survived and ultimately embraced the predicted faith.

Trip Highlights:       Islamabad-Taxila-Peshawar-Lahore-Harappa- Multan-Bahawalpur-Uch Sharif-Derawar Fort-Cholistan Desert-Chanan Pir-Lahore

Festival Dates:         To be confirmed

Best time to visit:  11 days/10 nights

What to Expect?

For the Chanan Peer Festival trip, you can expect a vibrant and lively atmosphere filled with cultural festivities and entertainment. Here’s what you might encounter:

1. Cultural Diversity: Experience the rich cultural tapestry of South Punjab as Hindus and Muslims come together to celebrate the festival, showcasing the region’s unity in diversity.

2. Traditional Performances: Enjoy a variety of traditional performances such as musical shows featuring local artists, theatrical presentations, traditional dances like Jhoomar, and mesmerizing camel dances.

3. Market Bazaars: Explore special bazaars set up during the festival, offering a wide array of goods including local handicrafts, traditional clothing, and delicious food items.

4. Spectacular Shows: Witness captivating circus acts, magic shows, and other forms of entertainment that add to the festive ambiance and keep visitors enthralled.

5. Spiritual Experience: Visit the Chanan Pir shrine and partake in the spiritual ambiance, reflecting on the legend and significance of Channan Pir while soaking in the tranquil surroundings.

6. Community Engagement: Interact with locals and fellow festival-goers, immersing yourself in the warm hospitality and friendly atmosphere characteristic of the event.

Overall, expect a memorable and culturally enriching experience that offers a glimpse into the vibrant traditions and heritage of South Punjab.


Upon arrival in Islamabad, embark on a half-day city tour exploring the vibrant locales of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Embark on a full-day excursion to explore the Taxila archaeological site and museum, followed by a scenic drive to Peshawar where you will spend the night at a hotel.

Explore Peshawar with a city tour before driving back to Islamabad.

Travel to Lahore, stopping en route to visit Rohtas Fort, then continue the journey to Lahore.

Delve deeply into Lahore, Pakistan's cultural capital, through thorough exploration.

Journey to Multan, with a stop along the way to visit Harappa, before continuing the drive to Multan.

Embark on a half-day tour of Multan, then drive to Bahawalpur after lunch.

Enjoy a full day exploring key attractions, including Uch Sharif, before driving to Derawar Fort.

Head to Channan Pir to witness the festival before continuing the journey to Multan.

Make your way to Lahore and transfer to the hotel for an overnight stay.

Proceed to the airport for your flight back home.


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